Black Oak Double Row LED light bar Review

If you are looking for a great light bar that is gonna beat your stock headlights or cheap knock off light bar, then the Black Oak Double Row is the light bar for you.

It has a curved design which gives you a much broader beam, this feature alone makes it one of best light bars on the the market.

The housing is made out of high grade aluminum and the lens is shatterproof, which makes it one tough piece to break.

Black Oak LED light bars come with a 40 top bin 3W or 5W OSRAM LED. The produce up to 12440 or 22000 raw lumens. It comes with the ability to switch between spot, flood or both.

The 20″ light bar is perfect for smaller types of vehicles such as side by sides, or sleds, or quads. The curve makes it great for back road trails, it will for sure light everything up for you.

Another good option to this, is the Rigid Industries Double Row.

I would recommend this light bar to anyone who wants it for a smaller vehicle. For a larger vehicle I would recommend the longer version of the light bar, either the 50″ or the 40″ light bar. It would be nice if it also came with more mounting options

Different Applications

With this light bar you are able to use it for regular day to day night driving, most ATVs, UTVs and any other 4×4 type vehicles can be used with this. It can be roof mounted on a work site, or heavy duty machinery, it can be used with marine aquatics as well.

What it comes with

The Double Row light bar comes with a heavy duty mounting kit, this mounting kit is corrosion resistant. It also includes mounting gear, a wiring kit, switch, relay, fuses and a long cable. It comes with instructions for install as well.


About Air Duct Cleaning

If you are a homeowner, chances are you received an ad or a coupon offer in the mail to improving the interior of your home by cleaning your air ducts air quality. Because there is a growing awareness among the public of the validity of indoor air pollution caused by tobacco smoke, household pesticides, mold, pollen, radongas– and in the case of older houses some building materials such as lead-based paint or asbestos – claims of duct cleaning companies appear to be appealing.

about air duct cleaning


  • According to the National Air Duct Cleaners tube Association, certain pollutants, including fungus, dust, bacteria and fungi may accumulate in a variety of places – including the work of the sleeve of the heating and cooling system in a house or building. The NADCA states that cleaning the ducts Turn these impurities is a part of a comprehensive strategy for the indoor pollution reduction.


  • Clean the Environmental Protection Agency loosely defines air duct to the cleaning of various components of heating, cooling and forced air units. Although many consumers vacuuming ducts consider the extent of the service, the EPA and NADCA suggest the cleaning of various other heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) components – such as heat exchangers, coils, drip pans, registers, fan motor and anderen– be included in the definition of the service. These areas can the breeding of disease or allergens that discomfort for passengers who are susceptible to them may have.

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  • There are lots of methods for the cleaning of air ducts, depending on the preference of the home owner and service provider. However NADCA and other industry organizations have certain standards that must meet their members defined. Most professional air duct cleaning use a special type of vacuum system that can stir the duct work if you want to dislodge debris, making it possible for the vacuum to extract. Industry standards require that equipment exhaust discharges inside high efficiency particles arrestance-filtered.


  • The costs for the employment of air ducts cleaned can vary widely, depending on factors such as how many services are performed, the location of the branch is maintained, and the configuration of the HVAC system is being cleaned. It usually takes at least several hundred dollars.


  • There are numerous add-on services that offer a lot of air tube cleaning companies, including the use of anti-bacterial, anti-fungal or anti-fungal agents for the treatment of the inside of the air channels. The EPA and NADCA note that there is no sufficient research to determine the health benefits of these practices. The NADCA also warns consumers cautious about cleaning any claims made by an air company regarding the health benefits of the tube cleaning because benefits are as yet unproven.

Best tips on Buying an Ergonomic Chair

Ergonomics are applicable in a wide range of work environments. From medical to industrial and laboratory to corporate, the growing importance of ergonomics in a workplace should not be underestimated. For those who spent a majority of their working hours on workstations and offices, they need ergonomic chairs to make sure that their day to day operations go about productively.

ergonomic chair

When you’re shopping for shopping for chairs at home or in your workplace, the first thing you look for is how well suited the chair is for your body. However, chances are you might end up buying a fairly cheap chair on sale that may look decent but doesn’t help your back, neck, or shoulders.

Importance of Ergonomic Chairs

An improper chair can actually become the root cause of neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, and eventually headaches and low energy levels. While knowing how you maintain your posture is important, you need a good chair to support your posture that helps you work in comfort.

Best Tips and Practices
When it comes to the top ergonomic office chairs, you have to be a smart buyer and think of the long term investment for your workspace productivity and health. Here are some tips to help you choose the best ergonomic chairs:

The Conditions – Are you working regularly at a workstation on a computer or laptop or are you in industrial site inspection? Depending on the nature of your job, you should look for an ergonomic chair accordingly. For instance, those who work long hours at workstations will ideally need a chair that aligns their vision to the screen with their hand adjacent to the mouse or keyboard. On the other hand, if your work is not computer related, you will need a flexible chair that allows you to move freely on it.

The Fabric – Fabric is an important part of an ergonomic chair and will vary depending on your workspace. Industrial use ergonomic chairs generally feature heavy duty fabrics that are easy to clean as well. Medical and corporate use chairs generally feature ESD and are ideal for comfortably working in clean office environments.

Back Support – If you regularly deal with lower back pain, a good way to make your office hours more comfortable is to invest in chairs with lumbar support. This gives your lower relief and supports your posture at the same time. Look for ergonomic chairs with extra back support options.

For the best ergonomic chairs, check out


Learning to DJ

Even if lots of people didn’t think that being a DJ is a real and hard job, this profession takes a lot more than it seems.

A DJ controller has to create a certain mood for the public and he has to know how to communicate with it. Whether they work on vinyl or CDs, the DJ must adapt his program music for his public. And please keep in mind that every crowd is unique and the demands are often different.

You have to learn to be a DJ. There are private schools and initiation courses that you can take for a period of time. After completing the course or school, the DJ must already be good enough to reach a certain level and then gradually reaching to evolve, to make a name that he can proudly stand up for. Today, there are big opportunities for DJs: they can be found everywhere in clubs, bars, hotels, radios and animation evenings. A versatile DJ can live well with his passion because salaries are quite satisfying. Being a DJ it’s not that simple. You have to be talented, you need the best all in one DJ controllers to have a vast musical culture, to be creative and resistant. The ability to entertain is a must in this job and so it’s a flexible schedule. Also, a DJ who speaks several languages has a real advantage on the music market. When it comes to his equipment, a true DJ should have subwoofers and speaker, a mixer, CD players or pick-ups, spotlights and cables, a microphone and a projector, a PFL helmet and an amplifier. Being a true DJ is not only about your music. It’s about your charisma, your way of getting into the public’s mind and the way you charge it with your music. It’s all about that feeling that you get when you’re mixing, that warm vibe that goes from your heart and thru your veins, the vibe that reaches into the people’s hearts.

check out this video instructing you how to dj